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Derivan : Gel Medium

Derivan : Gel MediumThe purpose of Derivan Gel Medium is to act as a clear transparent colour extend..

$17.66 Ex Tax: $16.05

Gel Medium 250ml

Gel Medium dries clear or mixes with Matisse colours to give a 3D high-gloss glaze. Also great as..

$18.95 Ex Tax: $17.23

Gesso 250ml

A full-bodied permanent water-based flexible primer for use on canvas, paper, board or wood for p..

$12.90 Ex Tax: $11.73

Impasto Medium 250ml

Paint Derivan acrylics over Impasto when dry or mix Impasto with Derivan colours for high build r..

$15.57 Ex Tax: $14.15

Ink Med and Extender 250ml

Block Ink medium & extender is a versatile medium which can be used in two ways to create fan..

$21.95 Ex Tax: $19.95

Matisse Iridescent Medium 250ML

Matisse Iridescent Medium 250MLMix it with your Acrylic Paint or paint a light wash over the top of ..

$27.40 Ex Tax: $24.91

Printing Gel 250ml

Mix with acrylics to achieve brilliant transparent prints when screen printing. Slows drying time..

$14.03 Ex Tax: $12.75